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Darryl Brewer
Here's an interview taken from Darryl Brewer, Jodi Arias' former boyfriend, with whom she shared many joeful moments. She was never violent to him, nor was he violent to her. Quite the contrary,

Jodi was (and still is!) loving, caring, cherished and responsible!

The exact opposite of the violent person the media representatives are making her out to be!
They lived a happy life together, until Jodi got embroiled in Prepaid Legal and Travis.

From the moment she met that evil man, Travis, her life took a drastic turn for the worse

, and she was no longer herself.
Sometimes meeting the wrong person can derail one's life. Alas, Jodi has experienced this truth first hand. Had Jodi not met Travis, she would be living a much happier life now (and Travis would still be alive). So I reckon, their union was the worst thing that ever happened to Jodi and Travis. But enough about that.
Without further ado, let's jump into the interview!
Let's start with why you're here today. What is it that you wanted to say in that court room today that you didn't get the chance to say Well, I needed to tell the jury that there was a whole nother life to Jodi Ann Arias. A life where

she was cherished and responsible and respected and loving and caring

and I just don't feel that that's gotten across
What would you have said to them? Well, I would have said to them that I knew a girl who was

mature beyond her years, that was an excellent worker, a good friend, a good caregiver, a good caretaker. I trusted Jodi with

my most prised...I don't want to use the word possession ... I trusted her with

my son

, the most important thing in my life. And

I had no reason to ever doubt or ever to fear for his safety when he was with Jodi

But how did you reconcile that with what she has done? I watched Jodi from the time that I first met her, I watched her mature and I watched her grow in the workplace, grow as an artist, and it wasn't until the spring of 2006 that this girl started to change. And I watched her change before my very eyes. What do you think happened? It was right at the time that she was getting involved with the Prepaid Legal Programm and the Mormon Church and she started to have a lack of responsibility, which is something I'd never known her to have. She started talking in magical thinking we call it. Very positive thinging of one good attrack good to you. She watched the movie "The Secret" and she came away from that thinking that just positive intention and good will that she could attract to herself and to her life everything that she ever wanted, finnantially, materially Do you think you could have changed the jury's mind if you had been allowed to speak today? I've no idea if I could change their mind. I'm thankful that I'm no on that jury. How desperate are you for them to know this other side of Jodi? It's important that they know, and it's important that this change happened within Jodi within a year and a half from the time that I left her and from the time that she was accused of this crime. Do you feel like something happened to her to change her, that this was a completely different woman than the woman you knew? I saw that change, she's unrecognizable to me now, as to the Jodi she used to be. She never talked like that, she never lied and had that disrespect. She was not manipulative. She was not evil. What was your relationship like when you were together, what were the things you did together, what were the things you would tell the jury that would give an impression of the person she was? When Jodi first started working with us at Ventana, I was not attracted to her per-se, other than she was an excellent outstanding employee. Over the years we started to get a little closer and then I started to slowly introduce her to my son. She was loving and kind, she was like an auntie to my son. Jodi and I got closer and then when the time came to leave the area to follow my son and his mother we decided to move together and we found ourselves in Palm Desert where we could afford a house. And we couldn't afford a house where we lived before in Monterey. And you were very close and you describe her as being loving? She was very loving, our relationship was monogamous, she was sensitive and caring, she was wonderful with my son, she was good with her friends, that were in the Big Sur and Monterey community. We did many activities together: we hiked, we went fishing, we went camping. She would go with some of the people that worked at Ventana every week to go bowling. She had lots of great relationships and she's very fondly thought of by the local community where I come from. And where are those people, why were they not here today to talk? Those people were all right where they were before, and I don't think there was enough of an effort to reach out and find them, to get them to come forward. Some have volunteered to come forward and have not been engaged. What broke you up, the two of you? The two of us? I was very close to asking Jodi to marry me, I wanted to have a child with Jodi. And I would have married her. I just couldn't do it because I already had a son, and I only have so many hours in a week. And I knew that if I got married again, and had another child, that it would take away from the very limited time that I had with my son. And I just couldn't live with that. And so she broke up with you because of that, she wanted marriage? She wanted marriage only after devoting herself to the Mormon church. Before that we had maybe touched on marriage once or twice. She new that I wasn't ready to get remarried again, and that wasn't an issue between us. After studying the Mormon church and preparing to be baptized, she told me that she no longer wanted to be intimate. That she felt she was living in sin. And that she felt she wanted to save herself for a mormon husband. You just told me that the Jodi you see now is unrecognizable to you. Is that the Jodi that should be spared? I believe that Jodi is still there, Jodi needs help. I don't know what happened to her. From the time that I left our desert home, in Palm Desert in December of 2006, we had very little correspondence. She was unable to pay her bills for the last several months, so I was carrying that entire load. This was unlike

the girl I had known for these previous years: very hard-working, very responsible.

She had worked two jobs, incredibly. And had over $12,000 in the bank

when we put down payments down on this home.

She wasn't taking me for a ride because I didn't have any money.

So when the jury hears all this, how Jodi changed into this different person who then went on to kill Travis, how is it that you think your testimony of who she used to be was going to help her? The jury needs to know that she didn't go from one abusive relationship to another. Our relationship was not abusive. Emotionaly, physically, sexually - none of that. And I don't know what happened to her in that last year and a half. But something changed radically. I watched the change before my very eyes, as she got more and more irresponsbile, as she talked more and more magically about the riches that she would get through working with Prepaid Legal Program. And then she was unable to pay her bills and when I asked her for the money she'd tell me not to talk negative to her, that we had to keep things positive. Do you pity Jodi? Do you feel sorry for her? Do you think she deserves to live? I think Jodi needs some help. I think that if Jodi got some help, I think the old Jodi is still inside of her. And I think she could be a productive member to society, even from behind bars. She needs help. Which was the Jodi that you saw in when she came to visit you in Monterey before she went to Mesa? That morning she came and visited my son and I at my home, she had breakfast with us. She seemed normal. She seemed happy. She checked her Email, she borrowed the gas cans from me, which was not that far out of our realm - we took camping trips and went off in the desert before and took gas and other supplies with us. So I didn't question it. So she seemed perfectly normal that day? She seemed perfectly normal to me, she left on an upbeat happy note. Did you think, now in retrospect, do you think that borrowing of the gas cans was sinister? I have no idea. I didn't detect anything sinister, and

I had no previous history of Jodi ever being sinister, manipulative or dishonest

. So I thought nothing of it.
When you were in court today, and they dismissed everyone and said there would be no mitigating testimony, were you shocked? I actually never made it into the courtroom today. I was stalled and then learned of the fact there would be no testimony later in the day. I was shocked. I was here on Thursday, ready to testify. At great cost to myself, as far as my work environment and missing time and not knowing when my role in the trial would happen. And I was shocked on Thirsday that the afternoon was wasted with antics and I ended up having to fly home and return for today. So if there was a wiggle maneuvering reason for doing this, to try and spare Jodi's life, would you be OK with the fact that you didn't get to testify then? I would be OK with that, I'm not a legal expert and I don't know the maneuvers or what antics are being played or strategies are being worked at this point. This is the first time that you've come forward publicly and shown your face and talked about Jodi Arias. Why? My fear in my first testimony was that someone would recognize my face on the news and it would get back to my middle school fourteen-year-old son. And I wanted to do all I could, I wanted to be subpoenaed to the case, I didn't have a choice to come and they granted not filming my face. But today you felt strongly enought to go ahead and show your face? Today, after all the harrassment, and the accussations in the media, in the internet world, in my workplace, in my hometown, I decided that there's nothing that I'm hiding from. And that I did need to show my face and let everyone know that I was real. I did not know Travis, until after hearing of the murder. I did not know that Jodi was going to Mesa Arizona. I did not know any of her plans. And it's been suggested anything from me being sympathetic to her plans, to being an accomplice with her plans and none of that is true. Do you think that she's gotten a fair trial?

I do not think that she's gotten a fair trial, I think the trial has been polluted from the start.

Partly because she spoke to the media before ever leaving Yreka, CA. However I've got strong opinions on the way that the County of Maricopa has proceeded, I think that the appeal process will be telling.
Do you still care for Jodi Arias? I care very much for Jodi Arias. It's been said that I'm still in love with Jodi Arias and that's why I'm here. I'm not still in love with Jodi Arias. But

I have love for her and I hold it dear to my heart.

True love never dies, we all know that. I love my son's mother, although I'm not in love with her anymore.
Do you blame yourself at all for the break-up and how her life spiralled out of control? I think I have some guilt, possibly misplaced, that she was in the desert and living with me and left that situation. and of course I had to leave the situation and come back to the Monterey area to be with my son. So I feel a little guilty about it, but at the same time Jodi's an adult and she was a very responsible, conscientious adult. And so I can't feel too much guilt there. But in terms of how can you defend this monster, have you heard critisizm for that? Or been harrassed for that? I have heard those comments and the fact is is that noone can condone this heinous crime. I can't condone it and I don't know how it's been the biggest shock of my life. My family, all knew Jodi. Jodi interacted with my family. In essence she was a member of my family. And yet you don't think she should die for that? I don't belive in state killing, I don't believe that two wrongs make a right, Jodi needs help, she should not be let back out into society. I believe that, I don't know, it's not up to me to give her a punishment.
Posted by Admin, on Monday August 26, 2013 at 07:46:42 (UTC)
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