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Gus Searcy
One of the many interviews given by Gus Searcy, who is one of the very few honest, strong-willed and independent people who didn't give in to peer pressuse during the trial, and who didn't make up false stories about Jodi. Gus Searcy is a very reputable and praiseworthy man! Kudos to him! Not only is he very successful in his field, he stands by his friends (despite the fact that some of them are maligned by the media whores and the public - aka sheeple). Even though he has been catching a lot of flack from the haters and other assorted morons for standing by Jodi, he doesn't flinch and still continues to tell the truth about Jodi. I, and many other supporters respect him for that!
Without further ado, let's get to it!
This is routing out, a pitchforks production, digging at the roots, exposing the truth, weeding out the lies. In this program Gus Searcy talks about some of the ideas he shared with Jodi Arias when he was mentoring her, he confronts some of the misapprehensions and wrong-headed assumptions about his role in the reporting of Travis Alexander's death, and gives his reaction to some of the strange coincidences around the killing. Gus, remember when you were talking about the Disney trip where you first got interested in magic, and the law of attraction... Right ...and how that tied in with that story. My question to you is: did you introduce Jodi to the law of attraction or was that something that she knew about anyway? No, she already had... well, I don't know how much she knew about it, but that's not something I really discussed with other people, because it's not something that most people understand, just something that I... I mean... people understand and know about it, I'll talk to them about it. I don't know if you're aware but when she was on the stand, when she was testifying for herself, she talked quite extensively about the law of attraction, she explained what it was, and what her philosophy was, and it was mostly to do with why she hadn’t written things in her diary. It was mostly around that issue, why she hadn't written the alleged abuse in her diary, about focusing on positive... OK, OK ...which is a little bit linked into what you talk about focusing on the positive rather than on the negative, and that's why I'm asking you because... Well, I've talked to her about working on positive and not negative and I can't say I take any real credit for that, or her, I think it was just a like-mindedness thinking if you will. Alright, no I was interested because there was obviously some kind of overlap there, so I was wondering if… if it’s you who had introduced her to that. No, I can't honestly say I could take credit for that. Alright I mean I talk to people... here's what I do: I talk to people about the law of attraction without bringing it up as a law of attraction, and I do it this way: I do this thing called legal shield. Some people do really really well in it, and other people fail miserably. And my point to them is this: look, everyone's got exactly the same product at exactly the same price with exactly the same brochures and exactly the same marketing support. So how come some people do so well and some people do so bad, and the answer is: it's all in your head. It’s all it is. If you think this is hard, you're right, and if you think this is easy, you're also right. And the choice is strictly up to you and how it's going to be – if you think it's hard – this is going to be the hardest thing you ever did in your life. For me - this is the easiest thing I've ever done. But then if you look at my life I've done a lot of stuff that's pretty tough, so for me this was a total cakewalk! Well, there's no reason it can't be a cakewalk for anybody. It's just how they mentally look at it, so I talk to her and everyone else I've helped and I've helped hundreds of people, she just happened to be one of them. That's how I approach this, so I don't know if she talked about it as the law of attraction and get into the whole philosophy thing, I just get into a very specific look, if you think this is hard you're going to be right and if you think this is easy you're also going to be right. The choice is yours. Here's what I talk about that - your friends are going to be right no matter what. I'll explain what I'm saying here, and given that your friends are going to be right no matter what, it's up to you to decide which right that's going to be. So for example you decide you're going to go out and do something difficult in the world - whatever it is that you're going to do that's difficult - whether it's Legal Shield or trying to get a gold medal at the Olympics, and your friends - they're all going to say to you "ah, come on, don't do that, it's a waste of time, it's a scam or you don't have the ability or you don't have this", they're always going to tell you what you can't do. And if you buy into it, then they're going to say "you see - we told you, you should have listened to us". On the other hand, if you go out, like in my case, and the things I've done in my life, like there was one point in my life where I decided to do this voice recognition, I needed $2.2 million. And my friends all told me "no one is going to give a magician ?? computer programming $2.2 million, it ain't gonna happen!". And I talk about this in the book and it would have been very easy to give up, if I had given up after a few months, everyone would have said "see, we told you", you know, and they would have all bought into the fact that I couldn't do it because they said I couldn't do it. On the other hand, it took me 2.5 years but I didn't give up and I did get my $2.2 million and when I got it you know what my friends all said? Well, we knew that if anyone could do it, you could, yeah, I mean you could do anything! So either way they were going to be right. And it’s going to be the same with you and your friends. If you guys go do something "oh you can't do that" and if you do "well if anyone could you could, we knew you could do it". So your friends are going to be right no matter what you do. You might as well pick the right that you want. And that's how I talk about the law of attraction to people. I don't actually talk about it as the secret of the law of attraction, I just give a very specific... something they could relate to. How did Jodi pick up on that concept as far as applying it to her work that she was doing at the time for Prepaid Legal. I mean did you find that she picked up on that attitude well enough to be able to apply it? Or did you find that it was something that she struggled with? She was having trouble struggling with it. She was not focused on what she needed to be focused on. You know there's a story about ... She didn't want success bad enough. And there's a story about this man who wants to be successful and he runs into this wise man and he says "wise man, wise man, I want to be successful", and he says "you want to be successful?", he says "yes" "Alright, meet me at the ocean tomorrow morning at 6 am". So next morning at 6 am, the guy actually gets there at 5 am and he's there, and you know around 6:15 am or so the wise man shows up. And he says "I'm here, wise man, what do I have to do to be successful" and he goes "Well, walk out into the ocean". So the guy walks out into the ocean, he's about knee deep and he goes "how is this going to make me successful?" And he says "Walk out a little farther". So now the guy is about waist deep in the ocean, and he turns to the wise man and says "well, I don't understand how this is going to make me successful?" "Go out a little bit farther!" So now he's the part where his head is just above...his head is in the water level, he's kind of bobbing there. And the wise man grabs his head and he shoves him underwater, he's holding him down and this guy is practically drowning, he can barely breathe and finally, just before he passes out the wise man lifts him out of the water, and the guy gasps for breath and he's like "what are you doing to me? What's the matter with you?" And the wise man said: "When you want to be successful as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful!" So my job is to try to help people learn how to breathe if you will, and focus on what they want, versus what they say they want. A lot of people say they want to be successful, but they don't want to do the things that are required to be successful. Like … the Frisbee catching dog. I mean, you know, I didn't plan to do it but I know exactly what I did. Most people wouldn't have gone through what I went through but the result was a thousand dollars a minute to catch Frisbees with my dog at football games, or $2.2 million for an invention that everyone said no one would invest in, or or or, I can go on right on down the line. Now another thing you've been slammed in the media for is the fact that you didn't alert the police as soon as Jodi called you that night. There've been a lot of you know speculation that you might have been involved in… It's so simple, you know, again, this is at the end of the book “The Charm…: The power of Positive Choice”, here's everyone looking for the negative instead of the positive. It's this simple. I get a call at 3 am in the morning, I'm asleep, I wake up, I see the phone that says Jodi, I answer the phone, she's crying hysterically. I ask her "what's wrong?" She finally gets out "Travis is dead". I said "are you OK?" She says "Yes" I ask her "what happened?" and she says "I don't know" She was crying so a lot of breaths in between there. Then I said "are you OK?" She said "Yes" and I said "where are you?" She said "Northern California". Well now at this point in time I'm going in my head.... obviously to be an armchair quarterback, and hindsight being 20/20 it's a whole different thing, but that night... OK, Travis is dead, she's in Northern California, I know he's in Arizona - that's 1200 miles apart from each other. So then when I asked her I said "do you need a ride?" she says "No", I'm going to... Why did you think she needs the ride? Because she was having car problems back then. And so I didn't know if she had a car that would get... in fact she said "I'm going to rent a car" I said "do you need a ride to Arizona?" and she said "no, I'm going to rent a car" "well then let me know what happened". Well lots of times you get calls from people, I mean there’s 475,000 people in our organization, I get calls all the time: "did you hear this person died" "did you hear that person died". Sometimes they call and I say "what happened" and they go "I don't know". So in my mind I'm thinking "alright, so Travis died, people knew Jodi was in love with Travis, someone called Jodi to let her know that Travis died". When she asked what happens "well, I don't know yet". And, I said “well, let me know when she finds out.” So there would have been no reason for me to call the police. I mean any time someone calls you and says someone died you don't call the police. If she said "he's been murdered in Arizona and I'm there", OK, now that might be a different story, but that's not what happened, it was "Travis is dead, and I'm in Northern California". That's basically the two key elements, this and that. So if he is dead in Arizona and she is in Northern California, there would be no reason for me to call the police. I did call the police when I found out she's been arrested, because that phone call becomes significant. That was two months later... a month later. She's actually arrested. You went on the Cancun trip the day after you received that call. Because you were in the first group apparently, weren't you? I was in the second group actually. Oh... OK. So I didn't go until four days later. OK, now during that time, before they discovered the body, which was five days later, did you have any conversation with anybody saying "Oh, I heard apparently Travis Alexander died"? Just you know, casual. I actually had two people I talked to the very next morning. One of them is the young lady who went back to the Philippines. And the other one is another friend of mine who is in Oklahoma, who I've spoken to, so they both know, I told both of them I got a call from Jodi that Travis had died, so there's collaboration that what I'm saying is true, if we really needed it. That was never sought Yeah, well, and you know, and because prosecution never interviewed me they never knew to ask the question and it was never asked when I was on the witness stand. So basically in those days, when nobody knew that Travis was dead there were actually at least three people, you and two others, who knew that Travis was dead and none of you knew that it was significant. Right, and Cancun... Let me explain how Cancun works. So the company takes a thousand people split up into two groups of five hundred. The first go four days, the second go four days. I was in the second four day group. Now the very first night (well first, the two groups never meet each other by the way, so you don't ever see each other, if you're in the first group you're not going to see anybody in the second group). When you first arrive there the first night, it's kind of like reception and everybody gets together, welcome, you know, good job earning the trip, blah blah blah. And then the second day everybody's off doing their own thing, so you don't really "be" there with the people you went with. Well in my case on second trip I didn't show up till day two. I had to miss the first day because my daughter was graduating from High School and I had to go to the high school graduation, so I was going to miss the first day of the trip, so when I got there, I got there the morning after second day, so by that point everyone was already split up and off on their way and also keep in mind, and I don't mean this demandingly, but Travis was insignificant. In other words, he was an executive director but he wasn't well known, most people didn't know who he was. You know you're either on vacation for you know fun, and this you probably don't know there’s anything sinister that's happened, so why bring up things... I mean I didn't really meet anybody to talk to in the first place, so that I would know Travis... I mean you don't walk up to a total pretty much stranger and "hey, did you know Travis died?" They are going to go "who's Travis?" They wouldn’t know, you know. So it's not like it was a deliberate not mentioning it, but there was no reason to mention it either because [at that point I] didn’t know anything was going on. What conspiracy theories have you heard about you may have been involved in the killing? Ahh, all kinds of stuff: I'm one of the ... I'll be going to jail soon, I'll be getting the death penalty too, I must have been involved, blah blah blah, and it goes the other way. I hear people think that the Hughes were involved. You know you hear everything. I'll tell you something, you want to hear something really strange? I'll tell you something that is really strange! And it's never been discussed.... Gus, wait a minute, stop banging around. I'm sorry. That's OK. Keep talking I'll tell you something really strange, you want to talk about conspiracy theories?

There were two male friends of Jodi's and I don't know their names... the last name of one of them was Freeman, and I don't know the last name of the other one. It was a young man named Freeman and there was another young man. And the night that Jodi... the day that Jodi was arrested one of them committed suicide, and a couple of days later the other one committed suicide.

So when you talk about the two Ninja story: here are two young men who knew Jodi and the day she's arrested one commits suicide and a couple of days later the other one commits suicide.

That's a pretty weird coincidence and it's never been discussed.

I've never discussed it because I have no proof of anything and I only... You know when I say thing, when I'm on the witness stand, or I talk... I never say anything I can't prove. Well that's something I can't prove... We know they committed suicide - that's documented. We know they were friends with Jodi's - that's documented... someone else was there that night - it's a popular theory running around. That could be interesting - it's just an interesting coincidence. The day she’s arrested one commits suicide and a couple of days later the other one does.
Do the names Dustin Thompson and Ashley Reed mean anything to you? No You know when we were discussing the two suicides you mentioned the two... the Freeman's brother's suicide? He is the brother of the Freeman sibling that I talked about who's always been very loyal to Jodi; they've never gone on Dr Drew and badmouthed her or anything. Right In fact they… the funny thing is the brother particularly has been invited several times, I've seen him on Dr Drew, I’ve seen him on Jane Velez Mitchell and of course they were always fishing and trying to excavate any kind of bit of dirt. He can say, just like all the other friends do, and he never does, he never has anything... he's actually a terrible guest for them because he never had anything interesting to say. He was always very neutral, and very insipid. And he is the one whose brother committed suicide that you talked about. Now this Ashley Reed, she and her husband knew Travis. It's easier if I just read what I found to you and I want to see what your reaction is to this:

"A woman named Ashley Reed who was friends with both Travis and Jodi killed herself. She killed herself with a gun - not typical for a woman. And the trajectory of the bullet was not typical for a suicide." Now this happens a year and a half after Travis was killed.

And what's interesting about this story: the day after Travis's body was found, this woman,

Ashley Reed, phoned in an anonymous tip to the police that her estranged husband, Dustin Thompson, was involved in Travis's murder.

Ashley stated that Dustin her husband had been acting strangely leading up to and around the time of Travis’s death.

Ashley and Travis had been close for some time during her marriage. Dustin had a violent criminal history and by that time Ashley had a restraining order

, order of protection against him if he had also been violent towards her. Ashley and Dustin's house was in foreclosure, and they were beginning divorce proceedings. Just before Travis died, she had talked to him about the possibility of moving in with him and they decided against it in the end because Travis thought it would look improper. So Ashley moved out from her husband shortly before Travis was killed, and then she called in that tip, which apparently was never followed up on.

The police interviewed her twice after her tip but they did not interview Dustin at all, which seems odd

, don't you think, given that she called in and said she thought he might have something to do with that. And it was a year and a half later that this woman who... she had no children, she was apparently starting to, you know, recover from her divorce, separation, she was getting on with her life, was quite happy, you know, was moving on after her divorce from Dustin. And then she apparently kills herself in a suspicious manner. Her husband Dustin later ended up in prison for some other crime. But that's the story of the Dustin and Ashley connection which, given all those suicides that occurred around the time of Travis's death, and then you have this one. The whole thing just sounds very odd. Don't you think?
Well, yeah. I also think when they talk about slashing tires…

I think that Dustin would have slashed his [Travis's] tires

than Jodi would have slashed his tires.
Yes But there's no proof that she did but the press is so willing to accept the fact that she did because it makes it better for their hate story. Absolutely, yeah, yeah, that's right. Here's the guy... here's the case where Justin was.. I mean where

Travis was messing around basically with a married woman and the guy had a violent streak.

Yeah, he wasn’t actually messing around with her but from Dustin's perspective he could very well have been, and that's one of the reasons they decided not to move in so that it wouldn't exacerbate any ideas that anyone had about them messing around with each other. Right But the fact is that there's this story that this Dustin character may have had a reason to have it in for Travis. Another name that's been bandied around is somebody called John Hackworth.

John Hackworth was apparently a roommate of Travis's.

Had been a roommate of Travis's, who moved out in the middle of the night without telling Travis. He was apparently somebody who's had some disagreements with Travis and he moved out during the time that Travis and Lisa were dating, so

Lisa was aware of the hostility that has been going on between John Hackworth and Travis.

And apparently after Travis's murder

Lisa Andrews called in a tip about this John Hackworth character and again this was never followed up on.

Just as the Dustin issue was never followed up on. Also there's also evidence that there was a footprint,

a boot footprint in the blood at the crime scene that was also never investigated.

There’s a photograph of this boot print which doesn’t fit Jodi's footwear or her size and again this is something that has never been followed up on. Because you can be sure that if the boot print had fitted Jodi's footwear or had even been in her size Martinez would have brought it up at trial as another piece of evidence against her, but it wasn't brought up and it was also never investigated. And the other thing about the Ashley suicide, about a year and a half or so after Travis died is that it apparently was more or less contemporary with Jodi changing her story to self-defense and abandoning the so called Ninja story. You know how for a year and a half to two years after he died she had this story about the two intruders being in the story. Well apparently it was after Ashley supposedly committed suicide under suspicious circumstances that Jodi changed her story and dropped the whole intruder story for self-defense, and some people have asked whether it scared her, she got scared because so many people had died interestingly around the time of Travis's death or afterwards who were associated with him, that she perhaps got scared off and decided that she had better drop this intruder story which may very well have some truth in it, that other people were involved, for her own protection
I don't know it's for her protection, I think it'd be more for her family or friend's protection. Yeah, it's another good point. So there's so many angles to this story, that are very very very fishy, that nobody seems to have followed up on, once they decided that Jodi was their "man", so to speak. She was the convenient one that everybody could point to, and it's interesting also what you said about there having never been any stories whatsoever about Jodi hassling anybody, bothering Travis, chasing him, that you never heard any stories whatsoever to suggest that Jodi was stalking or being in any way oppressive or intrusive. And yet suddenly after his death, all these stories spring up out of the woodwork. Yeah, all after the fact, it's like they say she dressed provocatively. When you see pictures of her, you will see pictures f her a) in a bathing suit with him in a swimming pool or you'll see pictures of her at a black-tie event in an evening gown. You don't see any pictures of her anywhere with low-cut blouses or mini-skirts or any of that kind of stuff, because if they had them, they'd be flashing them all over the internet saying "see, she's provocative!". But they say all she was provocative is dress. She wasn't... she was never dress, she always dressed classy, she always dressed conservative, and the proof is they don't have any of those pictures. The only pictures they show is her at a black-tie event in an evening gown and in a bathing suit in a swimming pool. I mean, I've seen a lot of pictures of her when she was with Travis and none of them has even struck me as... she never struck me in any of those photographs as being inappropriately dressed or even provocatively dressed, so I just think that's nonsense. But it does... there are many many things about this case that suggest that she has been picked as an easy target, when maybe there may have been a lot of other things going on. And the stories have been invented after the fact, to sort of feed into the story that they've devised. Yeah, I mean the whole hate speak if you will. That's why anyone who says anything contrary to the story, is immediately character-assassinated. Right. I know you talked about the Hughes perhaps having an agenda in terms of absolving themselves from... Because they would want to basically encourage the relationship at the beginning. But that's not something that. That seems a bit... I mean who’s going to blame them for introducing Jodi to Travis. I mean it just seems a bit far-fetched. It seems that the lengths that they're going to, to discredit people, to intimidate people, seem excessive, if that's the only reason. You know there's a saying "Thou doest protest too much" I say that, I say that a lot on Twitter and on the internet, it's from Macbeth, isn't it? Shakespeare. Yeah "Me thinks thou dast protest too much" For them it's never been about justice, it's been about revenge, that's the big difference. To me it's even on that score, it just seems excessive. You know, this continual insistence of Jodi being evil, and... It's almost as if they are afraid if anything should come up that will in any way deflect from the story that they've created. And it does sound like the story has been created after the fact, you know, her... the cold feelings, the scary eyes and the... Yeah, that's all made up after the fact. The stalking is obviously made up and it's possible that Travis told people that she was stalking him. But purely to save face, because he was embarrassed about the fact that he was having a relationship with her, so he... it was just sort of, you know, "cover my ass" kind of story. Right, exactly. You've been listening to Gus Searcy talking to Pitchforks. One in a series of Gus Searcy interviews in which he talks about his life, and his involvement in the Jodi Arias capital murder trial. Signing out on routing out
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